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Why you should never accept a counter offer

As the market for IT talent becomes more competitive, we are seeing an increase in organizations trying to retain their talent.  One major way companies do this is in a reactive approach by waiting until you give in your notice and meeting it with a counter offer to beat or match what another organization is willing to give you. Here is some information on why you should never accept a counter offer.

The offer of an increase in salary is telling of an underlying issue with that manager or organization. The reason being is that any time someone is looking to leave their current position it is because of certain issues with their current role. Those issues have manifested over time and hopefully before deciding to move you have tried to fix those issues through conversations. For the most part those conversations fell on deaf ears and you decided it was time to move on. This lack of response is mainly due to them undervaluing what you bring to the organization.

            Once you reach this stage you might telling yourself well at least they recognize my value and are now willing compensate for their past mistakes? The reality is that it has less to do with your value and more the distraction that your departure may cause or simply the cost it would take to find your replacement. It has less to do with your value and more the headache you will cause them which is a problem. More money also doesn’t solve a lot of the other issues that got you to this point. These underlying issues are what cause 80% of people who accept a counter offer to leave their employer within 6 months. 

            So be prepared when giving your notice as it can be very flattering to have your current manager throwing money or other perks your way to keep you. These are band-aids to cover up the other issues that made you want to leave in the first place. Remember to review those reasons before giving your notice and don’t waver on your decision. You can feel good knowing that you are moving on to advance your career!

How Avansai can help

Even if you aren’t at the offer stage just yet but are considering a move it’s always a good idea to examine your situation and any underlying issues you may have. Then work to either fix them or open yourself up to the market by creating your Avansai profile.

Jason Levy

Co-Founder @ Avansai