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11 Technology Companies using Go in Canada 

Go is quickly becoming one of the more used languages in technology with many companies building teams who can code in Go. As a language that helps with performance, is easy to code, manage and helps with scalability it’s obvious why many organizations are using it. The demand for newer languages has really increased and as a developer investing to build your skills in it, would be a smart decision. That’s why I wanted to highlight technology companies using Go in Canada. 

Are we missing any companies on the list? Let us know!

Companies in this article

  1. Synctera
  2. Deep Genomics
  3. Petal
  4. StackAdapt
  5. SwiftConnect
  6. Connect&Go
  7. KOHO
  8. Lightspeed
  9. Unity
  10. Cisco
  11. Upgrade

Technology Companies using Go in Canada

1. Synctera  – Revolutionizing Partnership Banking for the Digital Age

Who are they: Synctera is a FinTech company focused on creating partnership banking for the digital age. They provide an end-to-end Banking as a Service platform that connects community banks and FinTechs, facilitating the creation of new revenue streams and enhancing their value propositions with FinTech apps and embedded banking products.

Culture: Synctera is a remote-friendly company that values flexibility and technological innovation. Synctera is committed to having a workforce that is reflective of the diversity within the United States and Canada.

Benefits: Health benefits, RRSP, Unlimited PTO, Home office stipend, Stock options, Team events

Tech Stack: Go, Python, TypeScript, React, Express.js, Docker, Gitlab, PostgreSQL, GCP

2. Deep Genomics – Merging AI and Biotechnology for Revolutionary Drug Development

Who are they:  Deep Genomics is a pioneering startup that combines artificial intelligence and biotechnology to revolutionize drug development. Their advanced platform, the AI Workbench, decodes RNA biology, uncovering new targets and molecules for the treatment of genetic diseases.

Culture: Deep Genomics fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, bringing together experts in diverse fields such as biotechnology, machine learning, and software engineering. They offer an environment that encourages learning and growth, working alongside a world-class team of researchers and developers.

Benefits: Health benefits, Stock options, Growth, Learning opportunities 

Tech Stack: Go, C++, Python, R, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras, JAX, LaTex, Git

3. Petal – Revolutionizing Healthcare Technology for Streamlined Care Delivery

Who are they: Established in 2010, Petal is a rapidly growing company. Petal has developed innovative real-time care orchestration and medical billing solutions for Health Delivery Organizations, enabling features such as patient self-scheduling, clinical capacity management, care coordination, physician scheduling, and secure communication, all within their innovative and secure cloud platforms.

Culture: Petal promotes a modern, innovative culture focusing on the well-being of their team. They believe in maximum flexibility for remote work, in line with the smooth running of operations

Benefits: Home office stipend, RRSP, Health benefits, Wellness allowance, generous vacation 

Tech Stack: Go, Python, Ruby, TypeScript, React, NestJS, GraphQL, Sidekiq, Redux, Kubernetes

4. StackAdapt – Empowering Digital Marketers with Programmatic Native Advertising

Who are they: StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic native advertising platform used by North America’s most exceptional digital marketers. They aim to provide the best advertising results with disruptive technology and machine learning.

Culture: StackAdapt identifies as a technology company. They offer remote work, demonstrating their commitment to workplace flexibility. Their focus is on innovation, developing cutting-edge

solutions in the media sector.

Benefits: Stock options, RRSP, Birthday Perks, Home office stipend, remote work, Parental leave, social events, Learning allowance

Tech Stack: Go, Ruby, TypeScript, React, Docker, Elasticsearch, Redux, GraphQL

5. SwiftConnect – Streamlining Workplace Access and Collaboration

Who are they: SwiftConnect is a company focused on creating efficient and collaborative work communities in the physical world. They simplify access management solutions by consolidating them into a single, easy-to-use collaboration hub. Their technology allows landlords, tenants, and employees to manage their offices seamlessly and eliminate the traditional card-based

access burden.

Culture: SwiftConnect is a remote-friendly company that values efficiency, collaboration, and

simplicity. They are dedicated to shaping the future of work and creating rich user

experiences on web and mobile platforms. The company fosters an Agile environment,

suggesting a culture that values innovation, iterative development, and customer-centric design.

Benefits: Remote work, Health benefits, RRSP, Home office stipend, Phone allowance, Stock options

Tech Stack: Go, C#, TypeScript, React, Docker, PostgreSQL, Kafka 

6. Connect&Go – Empowering Leisure and Entertainment with RFID Technology and Collaborative Innovation

Who are they: Connect&GO is a global leader in RFID and integrated operations management technology. We help operators move their business forward by providing the most flexible and easy-to-use platform for the leisure, attractions, and entertainment industry.

Culture: They are a collaborative team first culture that focuses on growth mindset, innovation, transparency and having a good time. 

Benefits: Remote work, Wellness, 4 day work week, fitness allowance, Health benefits, Birthday perks 

Tech Stack: Go, PHP, TypeScript, Node.Js, Vue.Js, MySQL, Redis

7. KOHO  – Transforming Personal Finance with a Smart Spending Account

Who are they: KOHO Financial is a fast-growing Canadian fintech company providing a smart spending account with no fees. With an integrated app and a reloadable Visa card, KOHO gives users real-time spending insights, cash back on purchases, and a more transparent and user-

friendly banking experience.

Culture: KOHO supports remote work and promotes work-life balance with an unlimited vacation

policy. Established in 2015, they continually strive to innovate in the fintech space.

Benefits: Parental Leave, Flexible schedule, Remote work, Wellness allowance

Tech Stack: Go, Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker

8. Lightspeed – Empowering Businesses for Success in the Global Economy

Who are they: Lightspeed is a global commerce company that provides businesses with an easy way to manage, analyze, and grow their operations. They offer solutions such as point-of-sale systems, eCommerce, and customer loyalty programs. Their mission is to empower businesses to succeed in the global economy.

Culture: Lightspeed is a tech company that supports remote work and cultivates a diverse, inclusive culture.

Benefits: Stock plan, Unlimited PTO, Health benefits, Parental leave, Social responsibility programs

Tech Stack: Go, Java, TypeScript, Python, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, Kafka

9. Unity – Empowering Creators to Build Interactive 3D Content

Who are they: Unity is a world-renowned platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content. Their goal is to democratize game development and to enable success for creators across industries beyond gaming, like architecture, automotive, and film.

Culture: Unity is a vast technology company. They offer remote work and create an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. They are socially responsible, committed to

democratizing game development, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Benefits: Child care, Parental Leave, Health benefits, RRSP, Stock plans, Bonus plans, Wellness allowance

Tech Stack: Go, C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, GCP, Helm, PostgreSQL

10. Cisco – Transforming Connectivity and Collaboration Worldwide through Innovative IT Solutions

Who are they: Cisco is a global leader in IT and networking. They help companies of all sizes to transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Cisco’s product portfolio includes

networking solutions, data center solutions, security, and collaboration tools.

Culture: Cisco is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. Their mission to “change the World” creates an atmosphere of innovation and passion within the company. As part of Cisco, you’ll be part of a team that impacts various sectors including entertainment,

healthcare, education, public and private sectors, smart cities, and everyday devices in our


Benefits: Stock plans, Bonus plans, Tuition reimbursement, Health and wellness benefits, remote work 

Tech Stack: Go, Python, C++, Java, Node.Js, MongoDB, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Spinnaker, RabbitMQ

11. Upgrade – Empowering Mainstream Consumers with Affordable Credit and Superior Banking Solutions

Who are they: Upgrade is a neobank offering affordable and responsible credit to mainstream consumers. They aim to deliver better value and superior customer experiences through their

comprehensive suite of banking and credit products.

Culture: Upgrade promotes work-life balance through remote work and unlimited vacation options. The company’s mission is centered on leveraging technology to minimize banking costs and transfer those savings to consumers.

Benefits: Stock plans, RRSP, Unlimited PTO, Remote work, home office stipend, Parental leave, learning allowance 

Tech Stack: Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, Spring boot, React, Redux, Kubernetes, AWS, PostgreSQL, Kafka, GraphQL


As companies look to scale and grow their technology platforms Go will continue to be a language that will enable them to do that. Its versatility and simplicity will continue to help it grow within the market and demand for people who have experience in it will only grow. 
If you’re looking to find your next opportunity in the Go space sign up on our platform and let us help you find it. If you’re looking to learn the language you can check out Coursera or Codecademy for great programs.