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10 Remote-First JavaScript Companies in Canada Worth Exploring – August 2023

Are you a passionate JavaScript enthusiast seeking the freedom to work from the comfort of your home? Look no further! In this meticulously researched article, I present a hand-picked selection of remote-first JavaScript companies in Canada. These innovative tech hubs boast vibrant cultures and ambitious JavaScript projects, making them a compelling choice for exploration. While their hiring status may vary, their prominence in the tech scene makes them undeniably worth your attention. Join us as we unveil the top 10 remote-first JavaScript companies in Canada that you should explore in August 2023.

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Companies in this article

  1. MRP
  2. BusBud
  3. Lightspeed
  4. LiveBarn
  5. Workleap (formerly GSoft)
  6. Vention
  7. Kinaxis
  8. Petal
  9. ChargeLab
  10. Uzinakod

Remote-First JavaScript Companies in Canada

1. MRP – Elevating B2B Marketing with Predictive ABM Services

Description: MRP provides comprehensive and predictive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) services to B2B companies. Their goal is to help clients target and reach the right audience with the most relevant messages through their predictive analytics and AI.

Culture: MRP is a technology company that values innovation and aim to provide solutions that help their clients succeed.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Marketing

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: React, Node.js, Docker, AWS, Kafka


  • Benefits Program Selection, Management, Communication, and Administration: MRP offers a comprehensive benefits program that takes care of its employees’ needs.
  • Onboarding and Ongoing Job Skills Development: MRP provides robust onboarding for new hires and continuous skill development opportunities for all employees.
  • Job Competencies: MRP sets and communicates clear job competencies, ensuring all employees understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Policy and Culture Building Initiatives: MRP fosters a culture that reflects its values and guiding principles through various initiatives.
  • Employee Relations Structure: MRP has a structure in place that promotes open communication and mutual respect among employees.

2. Busbud – Revolutionizing Intercity Bus Travel and Connectivity

Description: BusBud is a global bus travel aggregator and booking platform. They aim to offer more accessible bus travel experiences by connecting travellers to bus operators worldwide, making it easier to explore the world by bus. BusBud is the leading online travel agency focused on intercity bus travel and mobility, with the widest global coverage. They are live in 83 countries, 21,000 cities and offer more than 2,300,000 million bus routes. Their goal is to provide a more environmentally friendly, accessible and interconnected world for everyone.

Culture: BusBud is a remote-first company, showing a commitment to flexibility and modern work arrangements.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Transportation

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: PostgreSQL, Redis, React, Node.js


  • Opt-in onboarding with a real human team mate
  • Compensation based on experience
  • 4 weeks of vacation (3 weeks + holiday season)
  • Healthcare Benefits (health, drugs, vision, dental)
  • Stock options
  • Home office equipment (chair, Apple laptop, screen)
  • Free bus tickets all over the world
  • Work in a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Sponsorship for work permits for non-Canadian citizens from certain countries.

3. Lightspeed – Empowering Businesses for Global Commerce Success

Description: Lightspeed is a global commerce company that provides businesses with an easy way to manage, analyze, and grow their operations. They offer solutions such as point-of-sale systems, eCommerce, and customer loyalty programs. Their mission is to empower businesses to succeed in the global economy.

Culture: Lightspeed is a tech company that supports remote work and cultivates a diverse, inclusive culture.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Information Technology

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: Python, Go, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: Docker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, AWS, Kafka


  • Lightspeed share scheme
  • Lightspeed RSU program
  • Unlimited paid time off policy
  • Flexible working policy
  • Health insurance
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Paid leave assistance for new parents
  • Linkedin learning
  • Volunteer day.

4. LiveBarn – Connecting Communities through Amateur Sports Broadcasting

Description: LiveBarn is a media startup offering live and on-demand broadcasting of amateur sports at participating venues. Their goal is to foster connections among families and communities by sharing significant sporting moments.

Culture: LiveBarn cultivates a startup culture with a focus on technological innovation and work flexibility. The company’s fast-paced, dynamic environment, coupled with its remote work policy, empowers its  employees to grow and collaborate effectively.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Media

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, JAVA, CSS

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: React, Node.js, SASS, Material-UI, Storybooks, AJAX, REST APIs, Jest, Git, Bitbucket, AWS, Android, iOS


  • 100% remote working environment
  • Opportunities for growth within the role and the company
  • Health benefits package
  • Flexible work schedule
  • A culture focused on tackling interesting challenges and continuous learning
  • Collaborative, start-up culture with regular events and activities

5. Workleap (formerly GSoft) – Empowering Smarter Workplaces with Innovative Software Solutions

Description: Workleap (formerly GSoft) crafts software designed to create smarter workplaces. Workleap helps thousands of companies to improve their work processes and efficiencies. They focus on growth through innovation in product lines and technologies.

Culture: Workleap promotes a culture that encourages continuous learning and growth. They believe in making mistakes as a part of the learning process and celebrate the efforts of their employees. As a green company, they provide lunches to reduce waste, further demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Information Technology

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, C#, PowerShell

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: React, MongoDB, Redux, PostCSS, Git, Redis, .NET, ASP.NET, Hangfire, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Kubernetes


  • Flexible work schedule with a policy that allows employees to work almost anywhere, including outside of Canada for up to 150 days
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Generous maternity and parental leave top-up, up to 80% of salary for 50 weeks
  • Tuition subsidies for job-related courses and professional accreditation
  • Subsidies for purchasing tech equipment and office furniture for remote work, including a $500 tech allowance, a $1,000 allowance for office furniture and accessories, a maintenance allowance for IT equipment, and an internet allowance of $60 per month
  • RRSP matching and health plan (employer pays up to 65% of the premiums)
  • Monthly meal stipend of $220 for the purchase of healthy ready-made meals, meal kits, or groceries
  • In-house training initiatives, apprenticeship/skilled trades programs, leadership training, paid internships
  • Peer-to-peer recognition awards, long-service awards
  • Employee lounge with a skate ramp, video games, foosball, table tennis, free café with barista service, beer tap, and free lunches delivered three times per week
  • Ergonomic consultations and budgets for home office setups.

6. Vention – Revolutionizing Machine Design for the Digital Manufacturing Era

Description: Vention is a digital manufacturing platform specializing in machine design. It aims to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by significantly accelerating and simplifying machine design processes. Through their innovative platform, they enable customers to design, automate, order, and deploy manufacturing equipment directly from a web browser. With headquarters in Montreal and offices in Berlin and Boston, Vention is used in over 3,000 factories across five continents.

Culture:  Vention, a tech-focused company, fosters a dynamic and innovative work culture. The company supports remote work and is dedicated to shaping the future of the industrial world.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Industrial Services

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, C++, Ruby, SQL

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: Three.js, MQTT, Selenium, QASE, Unity 3D


  • Flexible paid time off and remote work policies
  • Global comprehensive health plans
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks
  • Social events based on diverse interests, such as sponsored sports teams and trivia nights
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Time off for volunteer work and community service

7. Kinaxis – Empowering Agile Supply Chain Planning for Global Success

Description: Kinaxis is a leading provider of supply chain management software. The company aims to transform planning by providing businesses the agility needed to make quick, confident decisions in a constantly changing world. With its innovative solutions, Kinaxis helps companies across various industries optimize their supply chain operations.

Culture: Established in 1984, Kinaxis has maintained a culture that promotes innovation, collaboration, and work-life balance, even as it has grown into a large technology company. It offers remote work opportunities and is deeply committed to the well-being of its employees.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Software

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++, Python, SQL

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: Jenkins


  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Parental leave top-up
  • Company Bonus Plan
  • Employee Share Purchase Plan
  • Comprehensive benefit package (specifics vary by country)
  • Competitive pay
  • Work from home options if the role allows
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Opportunities to impact programs, initiatives, and culture as a member of the Culture Ambassador Group
  • Active Social Committee and Inclusion and Diversity Committee
  • Community involvement through direct cash contributions, donations in kind, corporate sponsorships, paid time off for employee volunteering, and more. 
  • The company also supports employee philanthropic efforts through various matching programs.

8. Petal – Revolutionizing Healthcare Technology for Streamlined Care Delivery

Description: Established in 2010, Petal is a rapidly growing company. Petal developed innovative real-time care orchestration and medical billing solutions for Health Delivery Organizations, enabling features such as patient self-scheduling, clinical capacity management, care coordination, physician scheduling, and secure communication, all within their innovative and secure cloud platforms.

Culture: Petal promotes a modern, innovative culture focusing on the well-being of their team. They believe in maximum flexibility for remote work, in line with the smooth running of operations.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Healthcare technology

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: Angular, React, NestJS, GraphQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, RxJS, Redux, Storybook, Jest, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Docker, MySQL, Containers, Kubernetes


  • A signing bonus of $1,000 for your remote work set-up
  • Compensation that recognizes your contribution
  • 4 to 6 weeks of vacation per year
  • 5 paid personal days per year
  • A group RRSP / DPSP plan with employer contributions
  • A complete group insurance plan, effective from day one
  • An annual wellness allowance of $250
  • Access to the Dialogue™ telehealth application
  • Access to the Leapsome™ employee engagement application
  • Flexible work hours and more

9. ChargeLab – Empowering the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Description: ChargeLab is an innovative software company, driving the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. They develop solutions powering networks of charging stations globally, a critical need as the world shifts towards EVs.

Culture: ChargeLab encourages a growth mindset, fostering a collaborative space for ambitious individuals to learn, grow, and be continually challenged.

Location: Ontario

Industry: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, Java, C++

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: Node.js, Flutter, AWS, Twilio, Unity 3D, iOS Development, Android Development, Spring Boot, Jira, PostgreSQL, SQL

Benefits: In addition to competitive compensation packages, ChargeLab offers a stock option plan, comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their families, and substantial growth opportunities. The team is noted as cool and easy-going, providing an engaging work environment in the rapidly evolving EV industry.

10. Uzinakod – Empowering Businesses through Tailored Cloud Software Solutions

Description: Uzinakod is a software development company that specializes in supporting businesses in their strategic projects and promoting organizational growth through cloud computing software solutions tailored to their needs. They are experts in digital transformation.

Culture: At Uzinakod, the team is at the heart of everything. They foster a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment where technological challenges are embraced and connections are valued. The company believes in the diversity and excellence of its employees, promoting both professional development and well-being.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Information Technology and Software Development

Remote First Culture: Yes

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, SQL

Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools: Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js, Blazor, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CosmoDB, Git, CI/CD

Benefits: Uzinakod offers a diverse range of benefits including stimulating and diverse projects with high technological content, five weeks of vacation upon hiring, five personal sickness days, 100% company-paid group insurance from the first day, telemedicine services, a cell phone allowance, flexible working conditions, and a group RRSP with employer participation. They also offer a continuing education program, a mobility bonus, an active culture team that organizes activities and contests, access to two company chalets for relaxation or work, and a hybrid work model.


And there you have it! An illuminating dive into the world of remote-first JavaScript companies in Canada. Each one is unique, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, centered around JavaScript. They promise to be exciting playgrounds for JavaScript professionals seeking flexible work environments.

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Remember, the landscape of remote work is as dynamic and evolving as JavaScript itself. Continual learning and growth are key in seeking opportunities that align with your professional goals and lifestyle choices. Don’t miss out; the dream JavaScript role might be just a click away.