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9 Interesting Technology Startups in Montreal 

The Montreal technology landscape has been an interesting one over the years. The tax credits, grants and loans offered to tech companies in Quebec has attracted many American companies to open operations here. It has created a big investment sector, Gaming, manufacturing and e-commerce among many other industries in the city. Our numerous universities and schools help filter in talent to the system as well. What all this has slowly lead to is a growing startup community here in Montreal. This is why I wanted to highlight some interesting technology startups in Montreal. 

Are we missing any companies on the list? Let us know!

Startups in this article

  1. Designstripe
  2. Connect&Go
  3. LiveBarn
  4. Latys
  5. Wiseday
  6. BusBud
  7. SwiftConnect
  8. Empego
  9. BrainFinance

Technology Startups in Montreal

1. Designstripe – Empowering Non-Designers with Professional Graphic Design

Who they are: Designstripe is a startup that provides a platform for non-designers to create quality graphic designs. They aim to make professional design accessible to everyone, democratizing the field of graphic design.

Culture: Designstripe is a small technology company that promotes a dynamic startup culture and values work flexibility. They are committed to innovation and creativity, which are central to their mission of making design accessible to everyone.

Benefits: Stock options, Health Benefits, Vacation bonus, Remote work, Company retreat

Tech Stack: Python, TypeScript, GraphQL, NestJS, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, GCP, AI Models

2. Connect&Go – Empowering Leisure and Entertainment with RFID Technology and Collaborative Innovation

Who are they: Connect&GO is a global leader in RFID and integrated operations management technology. We help operators move their business forward by providing the most flexible and easy-to-use platform for the leisure, attractions, and entertainment industry.

Culture: They are a collaborative team first culture that focuses on growth mindset, innovation, transparency and having a good time. 

Benefits: Remote work, Wellness, 4 day work week, fitness allowance, Health benefits, Birthday perks 

Tech Stack: Go, PHP, TypeScript, Node.js, Vue.Js, MySQL, Redis

3. LiveBarn – Connecting Communities through Amateur Sports Broadcasting

Who they are: LiveBarn is a media startup offering live and on-demand broadcasting of amateur sports at participating venues. Their goal is to foster connections among families and communities by sharing significant sporting moments.

Culture: LiveBarn cultivates a startup culture with a focus on technological innovation and work flexibility. The company’s fast-paced, dynamic environment, coupled with its remote work policy, empowers its  employees to grow and collaborate effectively.

Benefits: Health benefits, remote work, growth opportunity

Tech Stack: Java, JavaScript, React, Material-UI, Spring, SQL, AWS

4. Latys – Transforming Wireless Infrastructure with Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimal Connectivity and Efficiency

Who they are:  LATYS Intelligence leverages cutting-edge technology from universities to build robust and efficient wireless infrastructure. Our proprietary high-precision narrow beam and non-reciprocal technology: Intelligently optimizes the wireless experience Mitigates interference and noise in congested environments Enables the Internet of Things Enables efficient 5G communication Reduces hardware footprint Smartly controls RF exposure

Culture: They are a startup focused on innovation within the wireless industry and look for creative and dynamic people who want to collaborate together to solve problems. 

Benefits: Stock options, Remote work, Health benefits

Tech Stack: C++, RF Antenna, Jira, Embedded systems

5. Wiseday – Simplifying Mortgage Solutions through Online Brokerage

Who are they: Wiseday is an online mortgage broker that helps connect people easily to find the best possible solution. 

Culture: They are a dynamic startup focused on solving interesting challenges and fixing a mortgage system that is broken. They believe in collaboration and innovative ideas. 

Benefits: Stock options, growth opportunities, interesting challenges

Tech Stack: TypeScript, Node.js, React, AWS

6. BusBud – Revolutionizing Intercity Bus Travel and Connectivity

Who they are: BusBud is a global bus travel aggregator and booking platform. They aim to offer more accessible bus travel experiences by connecting travellers to bus operators worldwide, making it easier to explore the world by bus. BusBud is the leading online travel agency focused on intercity bus travel and mobility, with the widest global coverage.

Culture: BusBud is a remote-first company, showing a commitment to flexibility and modern work arrangements.

Benefits: Heath benefits, Stock options, Home office stipend, Free Bus tickets, 

Tech Stack: TypeScript, Python, React, Node, PostgreSQL, Redis

7. SwiftConnect – Streamlining Workplace Access and Collaboration

Who are they: SwiftConnect is a company focused on creating efficient and collaborative work communities in the physical world. They simplify access management solutions by consolidating them into a single, easy-to-use collaboration hub. Their technology allows landlords, tenants, and employees to manage their offices seamlessly and eliminate the traditional card-based access burden.

Culture: SwiftConnect is a remote-friendly company that values efficiency, collaboration, and simplicity. They are dedicated to shaping the future of work and creating rich user experiences on web and mobile platforms. The company fosters an Agile environment, suggesting a culture that values innovation, iterative development, and customer-centric design.

Benefits: Remote work, Health benefits, RRSP, Home office stipend, Phone allowance, Stock options

Tech Stack: Go, C#, TypeScript, React, Docker, PostgreSQL, Kafka 

8. Empego – Transforming Patient Experience in Pharmacies with a Technology-Driven Approach

Who are they: Empego Technologies is a patient engagement platform designed by pharmacists for pharmacists to deliver better and safer care while optimizing use of resources in a pharmacy setting.

Culture: They are a dynamic startup that is invested in technology and innovation. 

Benefits: Stock options, flexible schedule, growth opportunity 

Tech Stack: Java, JavaScript, Spring, AWS, JamStack, Angular

9. BrainFinance – Building Revolutionary Lending Technology

Who are they: BrainFinance, a leading financial technology company, has developed a revolutionary all-in-one lending platform which uses advanced credit analysis to better evaluate the creditworthiness of the underserved.

Culture: They believe in work/life balance for our employees. They know that if you’re happy and healthy outside of work, you’ll be happier and productive when at work. By providing a supportive environment and flexibility, they allow their employees to thrive both at work and at home. 

Benefits: Health benefits, Wellness, Team building, Birthday perks, RRSP

Tech stack: TypeScript, Node.js, Next.js, GCP, MongoDB, PostgreSQL


There have always been some interesting technology startups in Montreal which was great but it seems over the last few years it’s really starting to grow. I’m excited to watch as this community grows and being a part of it makes it that much better. 
If you’re looking to learn more about the startup community or want to explore potential opportunities within the space sign up on our platform and we can help connect you!