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10 Java shops in Montreal you didn’t know about

Exploring new opportunities can be a challenge without any support. The main reason is simply not knowing enough about the different companies that operate in the city. Everyone knows the big players and are constantly contacted for opportunities with them. That’s why I wanted to break down 10 java shops in Montreal you didn’t know about.


Office Location: 1080 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1S8

Who are they: Upgrade is a neobank based out of San Francisco founded in 2017 and recently was valued at $1 billion. Their goal is to offer exceptional value to mainstream consumers, including affordable and responsible credit through cards and loans. Their Montreal office is growing and already has 30+ software engineers.

What makes them great?

Culture: It is employee focused as they work to provide a great workplace. They have been named a “Best Place to Work in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal 3 years in a row and received “Best Company for Women” and “Best Company for Diversity” awards from Comparably.

Technology: They are a company focused on using technology to drive their business forward. They use cutting edge technology and are always open to new ideas and technology from their teams.

Benefits: They offer unlimited vacation for all employees. They also offer flexible schedules and no limitations on remote work. They go beyond paid gym membership and will in fact pay you to work out.

 Compensation: Have one of the most competitive compensation packages in the Montreal market including stock options.

Tech Stack: Java, Spring frameworks (Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security) All environments run on Kubernetes, micro-services architecture, cloud based – AWS, front end – React/Redux, DB – Postgres, Liquibase. Other tech/tools Kafka, Docker, HashiCorp Vault, GraphQL, Swagger


Office Location: 5795 Gaspe Ave Suite 100, Montreal, Quebec H2S 2X3

Who are they: Hopper is a travel company that is working to help you save money on your next trip. Their software analyzes when is the best time to book your trip and can save you up to 40% on hotels and flights. Their Montreal team has over 75 people.

What makes them great?

Culture: They are a results-based organization that believe in investing in their people and helping them learn and grow within the company. The teams are close and organize many extracurricular activities for anyone to participate in.

Technology: With a large focus on their customers they are always trying to innovate and improve the user experience. This means they often are using cutting edge technologies and working with their teams to implement new tech and processes.

Benefits: They offer flexibility such as unlimited vacation, remote work and flex schedules.  They also offer RRSP match as well as a comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan.

Compensation: Being a well-funded organization looking for top talent they offer very competitive salaries along with stock options for certain levels of the organization.  

Tech Stack: Java, Scala, NoSQL, HBase, Cassandra, Redis, Couchbase, MySQL, Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Solr, Lucene, Git, Linux, RabbitMQ


Office Location: 1010 Saint-Catherine St W Ste 200, Montreal, Qc, H3B 0G4

Who are they: Behavox is the People Analytics company, using AI to make companies smarter, more secure and more successful. Behavox software reveals previously undetectable insights to protect reputation and maximise revenue generation by analysing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. They have over 30 employees in Montreal.

What makes them great?

Culture: They are a people first environment that looks to help you grow by both supporting you and pushing you out of your comfort zone. They give you the tools to make it all possible and believe a collaborative team will lead to success.

Technology: This technology company innovates in the AI and machine learning space in order to get insights from Data that simply wasn’t possible before. Their drive to use cutting edge technology is what powers them to be able to deliver to their customers.

Benefits: They offer growth opportunity within the organization along with support tools. They also offer an in-depth health, dental and vision package as well as, flexible work schedule and generous time-off policy.

Tech Stack: Java, Spring, Restful APIs, SQL, NoSQL, Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, Linux, Big Data, Elasticsearch, Apache HBase, Apache Spark, Python


Office Location: Montreal’s vibrant Golden Square Mile neighbourhood

Who are they: Zola is the fastest growing wedding company that’ll do anything for love, they’re reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience. This company based out of New York has a Montreal office with 15+ people primarily software engineers.

 What makes them great?

Culture: They work to bring a personal side to the environment but being consistent in celebrating their employees personal milestones. This means celebrating engagements, weddings and other big moments in your life. They truly believe in work-life balance and build teams and their environment to match that belief.

Technology: They are working to innovate in the wedding industry by bringing in technology to give better prices and experiences to people’s biggest day. Their collaborative environment is built to have everyone heard which has helped them continuously keep up to date when it comes to technology.

Benefits: With work-life balance being so important to them they offer unlimited vacation and paid sabbatical leave. They also have other perks like commuter benefits, bixi passes, employee discounts, movie passes and best of all free wedding cake!

Tech Stack: Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Scala, Javascript, React.js


Office Location: 1000 Rue De La Gauchetière O 28th Floor, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W5

Who are they: Playtika is an online gaming company who were among the first to offer free-to-play social games on social networks and shortly after on mobile platforms. They were also one of the originators of live game operations, offering users personalized, daily game experiences with new events and exciting new features 365 days a year.  

What makes them great?

Culture: They are a fun and relaxed environment that is always looking to bring the best out of their employees. They really take this to heart in everything they do creating events and an environment that allows their employees to be themselves.

Technology: Being in the gaming space they need to constantly work to improve their technology and innovate in the space.

Benefits: They have all the regular health and dental benefits. They offer a stocked kitchen with lunches provided on certain days. They have many different gaming areas throughout the office and lounge areas. One major perk is the yearly trip for all employees throughout the company (last year was to Ibiza).

Compensation: Their base salaries are competitive for the market while they offer a unique bonus structure which can reach above 30% and is paid on a quarterly basis.

Tech Stack: Java 11, Reactive, Spring-boot, Spring Cloud, Micro services, Git, Junit, TestNG, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins-CI, Kafka

Solutions Medias 360

Office Location: 355 Peel, 9th floor, Montreal, QC, H3C 2G9

Who are they:  Solutions Medias 360, where creativity, strategy, experience, and innovation merge. Established in 2009, Solutions Medias 360 is a Web & Mobile Marketing Agency in Montreal that creates and implements high-level marketing strategies, as well as produces interactive applications designed to be user-friendly, secure, and scalable. They are a Montreal based company with over 75 employees.

What makes them great?

Culture: They are a young and dynamic engineering team that is focused on giving their customers a great user experience. This is done by having a collaborative environment with team members always pushing each other towards growth.

Technology: Being a client focused company they are always looking to add new technologies and processes in order to better serve them. This means being able to work on many different projects and always cutting-edge technology.

Benefits: They offer flexible schedules, an extensive group insurance plan as well as virtual medical appointments. Their overall package is competitive in the Montreal market.

Tech Stack: Java, Spring, Node.js, Web Services, MySQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis


Office location: Windsor Station 1100 Ave des Canadiens-de-Montréal Suite 250 Montréal, QC H3B 2S2

Who are they: OneSpan specializes in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions that create exceptional and secure experiences. They are a company based out of Chicago with a large engineering presence in Montreal with close to 200 employees.

What makes them great?

Culture: They focus on accountability, transparency, collaboration and speed. This means they are always looking to find ways to better work together to meet their end goal. It creates a very open-minded environment and you truly feel you are making a difference in the world.

Technology: They are a very much cutting-edge technology shop that uses their global reach to allow teams to share ideas and help each other grow.

Benefits: They offer a competitive package of health and dental as well as flexible hours. They also offer the opportunity for personal development through courses and trainings.

Tech Stack: Java, Spring boot, Spring cloud, microservices, CI/CD, BDD Frameworks, TDD, Gradle, SQL databases, NoSQL database (CouchBase)


Office Location: 1080 Beaver Hall Hill #1101, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1S8

Who are they: LogMeIn simplifies how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships, and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. They were founded in 2003 in Boston and have grown considerably over the years. Their Montreal office has over 60 employees mostly in software engineering.

What makes them great?

Culture: Seeing that they are a company focused on improving connections between people that is exactly what they bring in their culture. They have teams who openly communicate and are free to bring ideas to the table. They offer support and mentorship from team members to help each person grow.

Technology: They have a microservice architecture and are always looking for ways to improve their technology.

Benefits: They have a comprehensive package that includes unlimited time off policy, remote work, free snacks and coffee. They also have lunch and activities programs.

Compensation: Beyond the regular competitive salaries they offer bonuses and a 6% DPSP contribution from the employer.

Tech Stack: Java, Spring boot, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker, Git, AWS EC2, Github, JavaScript/Node, Angular, React, GraphQL.

Intelerad Medical Systems

Office Location: 800 Boul. de Maisonneuve E 12th floor, Montreal, Quebec H2L 4L8

Who are they: Intelerad is a leader enterprise workflow and medical image archiving solutions for all types of healthcare organizations. Founded in 1999 in Montreal they are a company that is established with close to 400 employees.

What makes them great?

Culture: With making a difference in healthcare the goal at the center of the company they very much operate with that in mind. They have peer recognition programs and development plans.

Technology: Being an innovator in their space they are always looking to improve on what they do.

Benefits: They have paid training and education, social and wellbeing programs, diversity and inclusion strategies and community involvement. They have flexible schedules and remote work along with partial paid transit.

Tech Stack: Java, Spring, Javascript, Typescript, Angular 2+, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS


Office Location: 63 Rue de Brésoles, Montréal, QC H2Y 1V7

Who are they: Most people have heard of Expedia the travel company which operates globally. Few know they have an engineering office in Montreal with over 250 employees.

What makes them great?

Culture: They are a company that strives for the best by bringing in some of the best developers in the market and having them mentor and coach people within their teams. It’s a highly collaborative environment that offers growth opportunity.

Technology: As an organization they are always striving to innovate and improve their technology. They accomplish this through open communication and companywide hackathons.

Benefits: They offer good overall benefits packages including health and dental as well as flexible schedules and remote work. They also offer yearly transport support, fitness and hotels grants.

Compensation: They have good overall compensation packages that include stock options, bonuses and RRSP match.

Tech Stack: Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Angular, Python, Go, ECS, EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, CloudFormation, Splunk, Grafana, Scala (scikitlearn, lightgbm, smile)

Let us know about any other great Java shops in Montreal that you didn’t know about.

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