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Reasons to work with an IT recruiter in Montreal

As I finished university, I began to search for my first career opportunity in Montreal and became extremely frustrated in the process. I applied through company websites and on job boards and didn’t hear back from most of them. I eventually was recruited by a recruiter to become a recruiter which is a mouthful. It was an industry I didn’t know much about but something that interested me given my experience. Since that time, I’ve heard both positive and negative stories about recruiters. That’s why I wanted to take a deeper dive on the reasons to work with an IT recruiter in Montreal.

In our research we discovered that 39% of IT professionals don’t see value in working with IT recruiters. This isn’t very shocking for me as I know that 57% of IT professionals think the recruitment system is broken and needs to be changed. While it’s obvious there are problems with recruitment, I still believe that recruiters are necessary in this process. Especially when you realize that searching for a new career can be a full-time job. However, it’s important to remember that you pick the right recruitment partner in doing that. Here is what the right recruiter can do for you while you explore new career opportunities.

Relevant opportunities

While navigating job boards and company career pages I saw how time consuming it can be to search for a new role. There isn’t an easy place to compare all these opportunities or even search through them with ease. Some companies don’t post on job boards either and others don’t even post them at all. Most IT professionals are working but 80% are still open to new opportunities so they don’t have the time to do this search. That’s why even just finding the right opportunity can be such a big challenge.

How recruiters help: By first understanding your profile and what you find important a recruiter can help align you with relevant opportunities. They often have access to many different roles in different companies and do a lot of the leg work for you. The right recruiter will help save you time and make your life easier when it comes to your search. This can be especially helpful when you aren’t actively searching and don’t have the time to invest. Matching you to roles is one of the reasons to work with an IT recruiter in Montreal.

Company information

One aspect of the hiring process that has always seemed outdated to me was job descriptions. Companies use them to advertise their roles and give insight but 88% of people believe they don’t give enough information. For the most part they are written by HR and only give very generic list of tasks and tech requirements that are often impossible to meet. A company’s website might give a bit more information as will Glassdoor but still not nearly enough to make a decision on fit.

How recruiters help: The best recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of their client and more specifically the role, team and project. They can give you better insight than any job description could and more relevant information around their culture to see if it’s a fit for you. Some will even connect you to technical people who work there to give you a true insider view of what you’re getting into. Having a partner who can help you with information on an organization is valuable. It can save you time in only moving forward for opportunities that are aligned to your needs and not just your skills.


Receiving feedback can be a very difficult task as you move through a company’s hiring process. It can happen at any stage from your application online through any interview that you do. I’ve heard this endlessly that people are left in the dark when it comes to feedback and have no reason why they disqualified you from the role. This can often be due to many reasons including hiring freeze or the position being closed. However, most people believe they just weren’t a fit for that company. This can result in you missing out on a great opportunity.

How recruiters help: Tracking down feedback is time consuming so having a partner who has the relationships is key. Recruiters can help get you that all important feedback as to why you weren’t chosen for any given role. This can help in clarifying your situation and help you improve in the future. As a recruiter I can’t count how many times a candidate has applied online through a posting to never hear back. Only for me to follow up and realize that talent acquisition just missed their profile. Another one of the reasons to work with an IT recruiter in Montreal.

Help in the process

Another flaw of many interview processes is the length of time it takes to go through it. When you’re actively searching you are often going through several processes at the same time. While some can be fast others might take weeks to go through. This often leaves you with an offer from one organization while still only halfway through another. It forces you to make a decision on a role and can have you missing out on a better position.

How recruiters help: Speed in the recruitment process is something I have a deep understanding for. Knowing how important it is, a good recruiter is capable of pushing the client to speed things up. Setting deadlines and following up to set up the next steps are all valuable in helping you navigate an interview process. They can also help you hold out on offers until you get all possible ones in order to make the best decision for your career.


Finding the right recruitment partner can bring an IT professional value. As an active career seeker your goal is to get back to work as quickly as possible, so getting any additional help is important. As a passive seeker you just don’t have enough time to find that next opportunity. Leveraging a partner to keep you updated on the market will help in saving you valuable time. Those are the reasons to work with an IT recruiter in Montreal.

How avansai can help?

By filling out our Candidate Profile we can better align you to opportunities. Our advisors can then guide you through the process by giving you insights into companies and feedback following interviews