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Attracting talent with remote work and flexible benefits.

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More and more we’re starting to see companies and employees look for more flexibility as a benefit standard. The same way health insurance is expected when receiving an offer so are remote work and flexibility.

Some companies are embracing the idea, while others are holding onto the traditional cultures, reluctant for change.  The reality is that 85% of people are looking for remote work or some type of flexibility for a least a portion of their job. This is why employers are leveraging remote work and flexibility to attract top IT professionals.   

The reason people are looking for this flexibility is because everyone is busy in life, and there’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Whether it’s changing your tires, going to a Dr. appointment or picking up your kid early form daycare, people no longer want to take a personal day to make this happen.

The challenge that most organizations have with this is an invisible line that states if you’re not in the office, you’re not productive. In reality remote work and flexibility mean much more than the literal definition. What it really means is “I trust you and you’re a valued employee”.

When employees feel trusted, they are more engaged in their work and are in general more dedicated to their organization and its goals. With less distractions and a reduced commute these people tend to be more productive and are able to meet their goals.

The key to this being successful if shifting your mindset from a traditional time in office to results driven culture. What this means is not counting how many hours a day a person is in the office, but their production and overall value they add to the organization.

If organizations aren’t offering flexibility and remote work they will struggle to attract and retain top talent in the future.

How avansai can help

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities that offer remote work and flexibility, take a few minutes to fill out our Candidate Profile and one of our advisors will reach out and make you aware of opportunities that align.

Corey Demberg

Co-founder, avansai