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How to put your network to use

As social media has taken over our daily lives, we are constantly interacting with our networks online. Through Linked In we can see career updates or even learn about the interests of former colleagues. All this potential in the palm of our hands but rarely are we using this power to our own benefit.

In the IT market the search for talent is becoming tougher for most organizations and they are going to greater lengths to attract talent. One thing that has become almost universal is referral programs, which are designed to compensate you for bringing your friends to work with you. However, for the most part these programs are rarely utilized or taken advantage of, except for a few people.

One major hold up that most people have is the notion that people in their networks are not open to new opportunities. Too often have I heard the phrase “I don’t know anyone who is available”. The truth is with under 2% unemployment in IT no one is available, nevertheless, research tells us around 84% of people are open to hearing about new opportunities. Think about your last role change, you probably weren’t actively searching for a new role and for the most part didn’t advertise to your network that you were.

We have to reset our mindset from viewing us offering a potential opportunity as a nuisance. To viewing it as a compliment, the idea that you would think of them for a role is flattering. The opportunity you have could be something they didn’t know was out there, it could in turn help advance their career and change their life.

Once we overcome this mindset the next steps are rather easy. When we get presented with an opportunity for a referral program first check your network on Linked In to see who might be a fit. Engage them in a conversation to see how things are going and always ask if they are open to hearing about opportunities. Then give them the details for their next career challenge. The great thing is when you engage your network it goes both ways and might open you up to a new career challenge you didn’t know existed!

If you’re looking to take advantage of your network and they aren’t a fit in your current organization you can contact us for more information. It’s an easy way to engage your network and you have the potential to make $2,000!

Jason Levy

Co-Founder @ Avansai